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At On Point Hydroponics we are passionate hydroponic growers ourselves and believe in supplying our customers with the variety of quality products they deserve. We believe you shouldn't have to spend hours trying to find everything you need to establish a beautiful hydroponic garden. Instead take the time you save and invest it in your plants.

We also believe that a better tool will result in a better result. Our catalog is updated often with the most advanced products offered by manufacturers today, many of which you will not find on other sites. Our catalog of state of the art lighting systems includes Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent, and LED lights. Be sure to check out our t5 grow lights!

At the end of the day, our goal and passion is providing people with the tools to cultivate quality hydroponic gardens. We hope our products help you grow your best plants ever!

About the Store :

On Point Hydroponics is a online store featuring a great selection of products from a wide variety of hydroponics suppliers. Get ahead of your competition or just grow proficiently at home with our great selection of hydroponics systems, indoor plant lighting, nutrients, growing media, and many other products. Browse our extensive catalog of hydroponic gardening products, you are guaranteed to find what you need!